For instance, there is a deduction for expenses not reimbursed to employees.  There could be deductions for things like gasoline and mileage for travel on behalf of your employer, meals taken on the road, clothing, and even entertainment.  Any expense that could be considered ordinary and necessary for doing business on behalf of an employer could qualify for this deduction, as long as you were not reimbursed for the expense.  These expenses must be in excess of 2% of your adjusted gross income in order to qualify.

If you paid someone to prepare you taxes, you can deduct those fees as long as they are in excess of 2% of your adjusted gross income.  This can include tax publications, computer software, and electronic filing fees.  Taxpayers often overlook this particular miscellaneous deduction.

You can deduct gambling losses on schedule A of your income tax return.  This deduction is limited to the amount of gambling winnings you took in at the casinos.  In other words you cannot report that you lost more than you won.  I know that sounds unrealistic to any of us who have ever gambled, but there it is. Although there is a particular deduction for theft and casualty on schedule A, there is an allowable miscellaneous deduction for casualty and theft of income producing property.  The causes of loss could be fire, theft, storm, or vandalism.  Income producing property can be art work stored for investment, stocks, bonds, coin collections, etc.

There are lots of possible miscellaneous deductions, like impairment related work expenses.  Impairment related work expenses are any special expenses you incur to aid you to be able to work if you are disabled. You can even claim a deduction for an unrecovered investment in an annuity.

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