You’ve watched a ton of televised poker tournaments, read all the books and managed to beat your local 50c/$1 live game. You even have an account with an online casino in which you’ve ramped up a bonus or two. With a growing bankroll and a newfound confidence in your poker game, your day job becomes more cumbersome. Now you’re considering the possibility of telling your boss to shove that assignment up an unmentionable crevice to become a full-time poker pro.

Before you make a rash decision, understand that being a poker pro takes certain personal attributes that must be developed on an ongoing basis. One attribute that every successful player must have is perseverance. Some days are going to be good and some are going to be awful. The best poker pros are not the ones who play the best poker, but the ones who can get through awful poker games without losing their entire bankroll. You must learn through experience how to take a bad beat without losing your cool. It is very important to always be in a good emotional state or you might lose your bankroll otherwise.

As a poker pro, you will go through losing streaks despite making the right bets, calls and reads on your opponent. Poker is a game of skill, but much like sports betting there’s an element of skill involved in which variance is invoked. This means that sometimes you’ll hold a hand that’s an 80% favorite to win only for your opponent to get lucky and hit a two-out draw to win the hand despite you having made the right play. That’s luck and in poker you can’t control luck, but you can control how you approach the game. The players who can persevere are the ones who enjoy the most success in poker.

In order to give yourself a chance to be the best poker pro you can be you must make it a habit to be completely honest with yourself in all phases of your life. Complete honesty will enable you to avoid the bad habits of bad poker players who blame everything but themselves for their constant losing. You must be a student of the game observing the best players and the aspects of their poker game that makes them great. Poker is not like football betting where you can just close your eyes and bet on your favorite team. If you want to be a poker pro you must be able to acknowledge your shortcomings and work to improve upon them in the ongoing development of your poker game.

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