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However, after certain period of time you can claim for refund of the tax amount so paid. Claiming for casino tax refunds depends on your country of origin. Certain steps can be followed for this purpose. Keep a track of all your winnings, amounts etc. as these are required in case of claiming the refund.  Maintaining a track will help you to understand how much refund are you supposed to […]

For instance, there is a deduction for expenses not reimbursed to employees.  There could be deductions for things like gasoline and mileage for travel on behalf of your employer, meals taken on the road, clothing, and even entertainment.  Any expense that could be considered ordinary and necessary for doing business on behalf of an employer could qualify for this deduction, as long as you were not reimbursed for the expense.  […]

Winning money is the prime concern for everyone who bets on sports. No one likes the idea of wagering on a sporting event and then sacrificing their hard earned money because their team didn’t win the game or manage the point spread. It has been well discussed in the past that most people who bet on sports lose money in the long run. After analyzing this trend, one of the […]

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