The trick to making more money in Unibet casino poker isn’t following the rules set forth by poker books and training videos, but going against them. Inverting people’s expectations and doing the opposite of what they think is the way to make the most money possible.

poker tableFor example, it’s common to re-raise with pocket aces pre-flop because it’s the strongest pre-flop hand in poker. However, because this move is one that signals strength, it’s much easier for your opponent to work out that you’ve got a hand such as pocket aces and fold. Thus, while you’ve not technically made a bad play, you have probably cost yourself some money by following the norm.

Alternatively, you could consider the option of calling pre-flop with aces. In this scenario you’ve underrepresented your hand by making a non-standard play. While this move exposes you to more risk, it can also give you more of opportunities to make the most money possible.

So, if doing everything in an unusual way is profitable then surely you don’t need to learn as much strategy as you can? Wrong. In order to invert expectations you need to know what they are. Indeed, in order to be unpredictable you need to become a master of what’s predictable.

All aspiring players should get comfortable with making standard plays that are proven to make money. Once they’ve done this they will be able to spot opportunities to go against the grain and exploit their opponents.

There is one major caveat to this entire strategy, though, and that’s timing. Just because you’ve mastered the basics and know how to go against them, it doesn’t mean you should be doing it all them time. Indeed, the effectiveness of such plays comes from their rarity.

Exercising restraint and only making certain moves under the right conditions is crucial and something you need to remember if you want this strategy to work. Always doing something non-standard would actually make it standard and, thus, just as predictable as any other move.

Therefore, if you’re looking to mix up your poker game, always remember to do it sparingly and under the right conditions.

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