There are many excellent free slot games to be found on the net these days. Not all the online casinos offer their games for free but what I find is that the more reputable companies do not hold back their slots if you don’t have the money to play them for real. Some of the European slots marketed in the EU offer their slot machine games for free to US citizens even though they do not allow them to deposit money. I have talked with a few software providers and what they have expressed to me is a concern for people in countries who are forbidden to gamble at slot machines for money. So the providers feel that one day the taboo on gambling will be eventually lifted in the United States. This could happen sooner than people realize. When the flood gates do open the software providers would want the players to feel that they were treated well during prohibition. These providers would like the new players coming into the real money scene to have already familiarized themselves with their product.

But for whatever reason we get to play slots for free on the net is fine with me. Personally I live in Costa Rica. I am legally free to play for real money on an online casino. However I play slot machines for free all the time. There is nothing more exciting to me than having real money in the balance. The anticipation of winning free money contrasted with the agony of loosing it, keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is the stimulus I need after a long days work. Even though I enjoy playing for real money I make good use of the free slots offered on the Internet. When a new game is released I will play a few hours in free mode before I switch to playing for real. This gives me a good working knowledge of the new theme and it’s peculiarities. If I am going to chance hard earned cash I want the best advantage. I can not afford facing up to the already shaved house edge of 7 to 3%. Normally a slot game at a good online casino has a 96% RTP. (Return To Player) But if we are not playing with a familiar slot it could be higher. And nowadays the interactive bonus feature games can be fairly complicated. There can be certain features that are basically giving money away to compensate the RTP. If we do not know about them we can not take advantage of the easy money.

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